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Beginning in the 2015-2016 school year, the Community School initiative represents a $100 million investment in 130 schools. Ninety-four of these schools are also Renewal Schools, the City's key strategy for rapid academic improvement in struggling schools. As of August 2018, there are now 244 NYC Community Schools. See here for an overview of NYC Community Schools.

Support from All Sides

Educating a child to be successful in college and career requires a holistic approach. Community Schools help students find their passion by integrating academics, health, youth development, and family engagement.By bringing schools and partners together to create new opportunities and real results, we foster collaboration within a community.

What's New?

 In the News
 Read Chancellor Carranza's Moving Toward a More Equitable School System: Lessons Learned from My Listening Tour, in which he discusses some of the strengths of New York City schools and the importance of community involvement and community voice. 
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Data Matters in Our Community Schools
We are committed to the idea of Continuous Improvement, constantly seeking new and better ways to support our City's students. Check out what we're doing at OCS to use data to inform our work and address students' needs.
Attendance Strategies and Resources
Visit our Attendance Hub for information about the importance of attending school every day! Learn about chronic absence, find resources, and get involved.