21st Century Evaluators

Strong Schools are Data-Driven

Helping schools become more strategic in how they assess student needs and assign critical supports can have a direct impact on students' performance in the classroom. Here are three healthy habits of a data-driven school:
  1. Data systems and structures are in place - The Weekly Meeting

  2. Strategic Data Check-ins happen regularly - SDC Curriculum

  3. Personalized interventions keep student on track - Success Mentoring

21st Century Evaluators build Data Capacity in Schools 

21st Century Evaluators together with Program Managers are uniquely positioned to support a data-driven culture in Community Schools.The following are Resources to support 21st Century Evaluators:

Weekly Data Dashboards:

Evaluators can use the following trackers to support their schools.They are updated weekly and can be accessed in this folder:

Quarterly Meeting Resources:

1st Quarterly Meeting (by August 31st)

2nd Quarterly Meeting (by December 31st)

3rd Quarterly Meeting (by March 31st)

4th Quarterly Meeting (by May 31st)

21CLCC Timeline for 2017-18 (*needs to be updated)

Monthly Meeting Materials:

Evaluators meet with the Office of Community Schools on a monthly basis to share updates, discuss issues and build capacity. Materials from the monthly meetings and the webinars can be found in this folder: 

[ARCHIVE] Webinar Series 2017-18:
  • Attendance Data Coaching here (September)
  • Community School Theory of Change here (October)
  • Results Based Facilitation here (November)
  • Rand Study here (December)
  • New Visions Heat Map here (January)
  • Community School Forum here (February)
  • Success Mentoring Program here (March)
  • Using 3Rs to Prepare Meetings here (April)
  • Continuous Improvement in the Office of Community Schools here (May)