Empire Afterschool

The Department of Education through the Office of Community Schools was awarded the New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) Empire State After-School Program grant. This grant supports schools in the Bronx and Brooklyn with the development and expansion of quality after school programs. Activities reflect a balanced schedule of academic support, including tutoring and homework help, social/emotional learning, physical activity/wellness, and prevention services.

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 We want to hear how we can better support you and the programs you are operating. We’ve created a short survey that can be found here.  Both schools and CBO partners should work together to complete and submit one survey which is due by Friday, June 8th, 2018.


  • In the coming weeks we will be sending out planning tools, Program Activity Plans and budgets for FY19, that will be due in the summer. It is highly recommended that you begin planning and brainstorming for next school year. We will be hosting work sessions to complete the documents for those that request assistance.
  • Site Visits: It is time for visits to begin! Please note that these visits are to support you and your programs and help with your programs development and growth. Your Partnership/Program Manager is excited to visit your schools and see all the great work you are doing with students. In preparation for your visit, make your Principals aware in advance so they are available to meet as well and please have questions, concerns, and of course program highlights ready to share with your Partnership Manager
  • PETS : It is critical that all staff members working inside a DOE building be cleared and eligible through the PETS system.  In order to set up a new PETS account, email PetsAdminSupport@schools.nyc.gov and request an account. If you have an existing PETS account, email PetsAdminSupport@schools.nyc.gov asking them to add Empire to your existing account. In the email, be sure to include the school name, school DBN, your agencies EIN number, and clearly state that this request is specifically for Empire. 

 In order to set up a new PETS account, email PetsAdminSupport@schools.nyc.gov and request an account. If you have an existing PETS account, email PetsAdminSupport@schools.nyc.gov asking them to add Empire to your existing account. In the email, be sure to include the school name, school DBN, your agencies EIN number, and clearly state that this request is specifically for Empire. 
  • School Foods/Snack/Supper: A SACC number is needed to request supper. However, any Empire programs, even those without a SACC number, are able to request supper as long as you have the minimum number of participants School Foods requires (hot meals - you must have a minimum of 75 participants; snack - you do not need a minimum number of participants). All requests for meals, including holidays, must be submitted in advance. Please see meal request submission deadlines here.  

For programs operating without a SACC registration: School administrators must place the Supper, Saturday's and Holiday request on behalf of their ESAP CBO partner. Meals should be requested through the School Food website through the Special Program System. We will not issue a username and password for programs that do not have a SACC license.  All ESAP (Empire After School Program) sites regardless of whether or not they are SACC registered are eligible to request meals for programs operating on school holidays. Please access the 2017-2018 meal request submission deadlines for holiday services here.

  •  SACCA SACC license is not required for Empire After School. Empire only requires programs to have all staff fingerprinted and cleared through PETS. However, if you already have a SACC license for a particular building, you must increase the capacity on that license and staff will be required to obtain SCR and SEL clearance.

  • Youth Services: If you were not able to participate in the webinar they were recorded and is now available. If you missed the Webinar on  YouthServices.net the "how to training" can be found on the homepage here. Please note that all providers should begin entering participants, activity schedules, and attendance from the start of the program period, the deadline to enter all backdated information on Youth Services is Monday, April 16th. If you are having any issues logging in or with the site in general, please contact the help desk at 1-866-469-6884. 



ESAP Guidance for Programmatic Expectations and Requirements



For more information, please email afterschool@schools.nyc.gov