Initial Steps

Once a school has been selected to transform into a Community School in NYC, there are certain initial steps that occur. Click the image to make it larger.

Schools Pair with a Lead CBO
  • Schools implement a collaborative school governance structure that includes a lead CBO partner and members of the School Leadership Team.
  • Together they hire a Community School Director (CSD) who serves as a member of the School Leadership Team (SLT)
  • School leadership has a clear instructional vision and high expectations for all students
Form a Community School Team (CST)
  • Community School Team includes the Principal, CSD, Parents, Partners and others who together design and develop the community school according to its strengths and needs
  • Parents and caregivers are real and active partners in their children's education
  • Establish protocols and consistent meetings and regularly uses data to monitor impact
  • Community members are engaged in activities that help build a stronger school community.
Align Services 
  • CSD works with Principal and CST to ensure programs and services are aligned with school goals for student achievement
  • Expanded learning time includes academic interventions and enrichment activities and 
    is aligned with school-day curriculum and expectations.
  • Youth development is integrated across academics, programs and services.
  • Mental health, medical, and social services are available to students who need them.
  • Family members have access to education opportunities and programs that strengthen families.
Every Community School is different and reflects the strengths and needs of its students, families, and local community. However, the best and most successful Community Schools all share common features which support student learning.