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Program Manager Resources

Strong Schools are Data-Driven

Helping schools become more strategic in how they assess student needs and assign critical supports can have a direct impact on students' performance in the classroom. Here are four healthy habits of a data-driven school:
  1. Data systems and structures are in place - The Weekly Meeting

  2. Strategic Data Check-ins happen regularly- Graduation Planning, Attendance, and Supports/Interventions

  3. Personalized interventions keep student on track - Success Mentoring

  4. Program Manager monitors progress - Using Tableau Dashboards

Data Capacity Building Resources
Program Managers are uniquely poised to support a data-driven culture in Community Schools.The following are Data Capacity-Building Resources designed for Program Managers:

Weekly Data Dashboards
Program Managers can use the "Attendance Data Dashboard" and the "21CLCC Implementation Report" to support case managing their schools. They are updated weekly and found here:

Attendance Benchmark Tracking
Program Managers can access the "Attendance Benchmark Tracking Dashboard," which shows the average daily attendance rate Community Schools have to reach every day throughout the year to reach their benchmark or match last year's end of year rate (EOY).

21CLCC Resources 2018-19

21CLCC Timeline for 2017-18 (*Needs to be updated)