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Program Manager Resources

Strong Schools are Data-Driven

Helping schools become more strategic in how they assess student needs and assign critical supports can have a direct impact on students' performance in the classroom. Here are four healthy habits of a data-driven school:
  1. Data systems and structures are in place - The Weekly Meeting

  2. Strategic Data Check-ins happen regularly- Graduation Planning, Attendance, and Supports/Interventions

  3. Personalized interventions keep student on track - Success Mentoring

  4. Program Manager monitors progress - Using Tableau Dashboards

Data Capacity Building Resources
Program Managers are uniquely poised to support a data-driven culture in Community Schools.The following are Data Capacity-Building Resources designed for Program Managers:

Weekly Data Dashboards
Program Managers can use the "Attendance Data Dashboard" and the "21CLCC Implementation Report" to support case managing their schools. They are updated weekly and found here:

21CLCC Resources