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Strategic Data Check-ins

Each academic year, OCS Program Managers provide technical assistance and support to schools by helping them review student data in three key areas: attendance, Community School supports and interventions, and graduation planning (for high schools). This support results in improved learning opportunities and increased graduation outcomes for kids in Community Schools.

Attendance (for all Community Schools)

Every school should have a clear plan for helping students attend school every day. After going through the Attendance strategic data check-in with your schools, these additional resource can be helpful in reviewing their attendance plan and helping them develop tiered interventions to support attendance improvement.

Supports and Interventions (for elementary and middle schools only)

Early in the school year, review the Supports and Interventions system with schools in your cohort. During the mid-year check-in, or during budget planning processes, it would be good to revisit the supports and interventions protocol with the school, using this tip sheet:

Graduation Planning (for high schools only)

In addition to setting graduation plans for high school seniors, each semester schools should also monitor progress of students to be sure they stay on track to completing graduation requirements. The following tools assist in this process:

Regents Planning