High School for Media and Communications

Outstanding Staff: Elizabeth Payero, Guidance Counselor
This year, at Media and Communication students who were chronically absent in the past are coming to school now more than ever, due to the support Ms. Payero provides them. The students are more dedicated in arriving to school on time because they feel more connected, engaged, and confident that someone is willing to help them. Attendance improvement is one of the main core services that Community Schools provide. 

Outstanding Student: Kevin, 18

Kevin is a student who was chronically absent and would always cut class because he had no interest in the information taught. There was nothing and nobody that grasped his mind and made him understand his importance. Ms. Payero helps Kevin see things differently and has a major impact on him who in time changes his feelings towards education. He seems more motivated to come to school and now wants to pass his classes so he can be the first in his family to graduate high school. Kevin Perez stays after school for tutoring for his SAT and regents exam in order to graduate high school.