I.S. 349 Math, Science & Tech.

Outstanding Staff: Bibi Jagannath, Success Mentor and School Aid
Bibi works at our school 5 days a week from 8:15 am – 1:30 pm. She serves as a Success Mentor in our Success Mentoring program for chronically absent students. Bibi works closely with her mentees, their families, and their teachers to improve attendance and provide social-emotional support to these students. Bibi has done such an effective job, she has even convinced one parent who was commuting from the Bronx to Brooklyn every day to allow her child to stay with his grandmother in Brooklyn during the week so he could get to school every day and on time. Bibi also provides this student with clean uniform shirts whenever the need arises.

Bibi’s work ties directly to our work as a community school in the following areas: attendance improvement, parent engagement and family services, and youth development.

What are the specific programs or opportunities that are directly affecting the success of students?
Success Mentoring, Peer Group Connection (PGC), Salvadori Center STEM push-in classes, Tekintellect afterschool arts class, LeAp afterschool arts class, Pratt Institute Literacy Tutoring Fellowship, Camp Ramapo Teambuilding Retreat, Interborough Mental Health Clinic and Family Services, Easy Espanol Parent ESL Class, Monthly Attendance Celebrations

Who leads them (name, organization, position)

Success Mentoring – Ashley London, AmeriCorps
Member Peer Group Connection (PGC) – Natasha Mir, CSS, CSD 
Salvadori Center STEM push-in classes – Carlos Montoya, Salvadori Center teacher 
Tekintellect afterschool robotics class – Jason Grabisch & Ray Tantama, robotics teachers 
LeAp afterschool arts class – Theresa Roginski, art teacher 
Pratt Institute Literacy Tutoring Fellowship – Jonell Joshua, tutoring fellow 
Camp Ramapo Teambuilding Retreat – Natasha Mir, CSS, CSD Interborough 
Mental Health Clinic and Family Services – Jesus Baez, MSW and Steffany Ruiz, family caseworker 
Easy Espanol Parent ESL Class – Bonnie Rosenstock, ESL teacher 
Monthly Attendance Celebrations – Natasha Mir & Ashley London, CS team

When do they take place:
Success Mentoring – daily basis 
Peer Group Connection (PGC) – daily leadership class for 8th grade, bi-weekly outreach activities for 6th grade groups 
Salvadori Center STEM push-in classes – four days/week 
Tekintellect afterschool robotics class – one day/week
LeAp afterschool arts class – one day/week
Pratt Institute Literacy Tutoring Fellowship – one day/week 
Camp Ramapo Teambuilding Retreat – annual 
Interborough Mental Health Clinic and Family Services – five days/week social worker, 4 days/week family caseworker 
Easy Espanol Parent ESL Class – ten class sessions/year 
Monthly Attendance Celebrations – monthly

What are the main benefits for the students:
Success Mentoring – building caring one-to-one relationships for students to improve their attendance and motivate them to attend school

Peer Group Connection (PGC) – daily leadership class for 8th grade trains these students to facilitate bi-weekly outreach activities for 6th grade groups that promote social-emotional learning and ease the transition into middle school

Salvadori Center STEM push-in classes – rigorous STEM curriculum teaches students how to apply critical thinking and problem solving skills to build bridges

Tekintellect afterschool robotics class – students gain real-world technology skills through using legos to build robots and learning how to code 

LeAp afterschool arts class – students use art as an avenue to explore the history of their community and express their self-identity 

Pratt Institute Literacy Tutoring Fellowship – a college student provides small group tutoring to five math classes on Fridays, three general education and two special education cohorts

Camp Ramapo Teambuilding Retreat – 6th grade students engage in an annual retreat, which provides them an opportunity to get to know others outside of their class cohorts and participate in collaborative teambuilding challenges

Interborough Mental Health Clinic and Family Services – a social worker on site Monday-Thursday provides clinical therapy to students in need of mental health supports. A family caseworker works with families to gain access to critical resources and services, ranging from social safety benefits to housing to legal relief

Easy Espanol Parent ESL Class – introductory ESL class for parents with very limited English speaking skills provides families with an opportunity to learn English in order to educate themselves and support their children’s education 

Monthly Attendance Celebrations – Attendance celebrations for students with 95%+ attendance for the month motivates students to come to school consistently and on time

Outstanding Student: Henderson, 14 years old
Henderson is a student who embodies our community school goals. He serves as a peer leader in our Peer Group Connection program, participating in the Community School Director’s daily leadership class and mentoring a group of 6th grade students. Henderson has really grown into his role as a peer leader, serving as a role model for students in his class as well as those across the school. He consistently reminds his friends and classmates to make good choices and be responsible about completing homework, getting to class on time, and treating others with kindness and respect. Henderson chooses to be an upstander while witnessing instances of bullying, and he promotes a positive school culture by volunteering to help at school events such as Fall Parent-Teacher Conference Night and our Prospective 5th Grade Open House. Henderson has a 99% attendance rate YTD and recently won the “Most Improved Student Award” for the 8th grade at a school awards ceremony.