I.S. 528 Bea Fuller Rodgers

Outstanding Staff: Zawadi Noel, Arts Education Coordinator

Expanded learning time programming is offered four days a week at Bea Fuller Rodgers, IS 528, because the school has a rich and diverse population with a wide range of needs. Students participate in Story Studio, Art Integration, iConnect, and ChangeMkRs after school clubs. Students are directly involved in the design and instruction of these programs. This allows for deeper investment in the programs, growth in student leadership, and increased access and understanding of academic content. All of this is lead by Zawadi Noel. 

The programs offered are designed to enrich the academic curricula, foster student centered learning, and teach tech literacy.

Outstanding Student: Brianna, age 11

At the start of the year Brianna was very quiet and unwilling to participate in class activities. She is now the first to volunteer for leadership roles in class, and has become a model student. Brianna has become a student who greets you in the morning, and will excitedly ask about the lesson for the day.