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For immediate help, emergency services available through HRA!

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Schools (Community Schools, ESDSVP, Empire)

Food Pantries/Soup Kitchens

DSS/HRA Locations

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Who is the Human Resources Administration?

NYC's  Human Resources Administration/Department of Social Services (HRA/DCC) is dedicated to fighting poverty by providing New Yorkers in need with essential benefits, such as Food Assistance and Emergency Rental Assistance. For emergency access to food and shelter, we recommend you refer families to one of the HRA locations closest to you in the map above. 

You can find a full list of available services through their Guide to Services brochure.

What emergency services are available?


SNAP benefits can be available within five (5) days if you are eligible for Expedited Processing. Call 311 or find a SNAP location in the map above. 

Also, there are roughly 500 food pantries (providing packaged foods) and community kitchens (providing hot foods) throughout New York City where anyone can get nutritious food or a well-balanced hot meal. For a location near you, use this HRA's Food Map or call NYC's Emergency FoodLine at 1-866-888-8777. 

For general information regarding HRA's emergency food programs, please visit their website.

Cash Assistance (including "One Shot" Emergency Grant)

NYC residents can apply for temporary cash assistance for up to 60 months, or a one-time emergency grant for assistance with rent, home energy and/or utility bills, moving expenses, purchasing health and safety items. 

To help a student or family apply, direct them a cash assistance site site nearest to your school by using the map above. Eligibility requirements are available by calling HRA's Infoline at 718-557-1399.

For lots of other general information regarding HRA's cash assistance programs, please visit their website

Shelter/Eviction Assistance

If a student or family needs assistance to pay rent or is facing immediate eviction, please refer them to Homebase, a community-based program that specifically assists those at risk of eviction. You can find the nearest Homebase in the map above (It will be located under HRA> Housing/Rent Assistance). 

If a student or family member is a victim of domestic violence, the Office of Domestic Violence (ODV) has an emergency shelter,  as well as 43 emergency residential programs. For the safety of those seeking shelter, locations are not made public.  For inquiries about shelter locations as well as immediate help, call the NYC 24-hr hotline at 800-621-4673. 

If a student or family is currently homeless, please refer to our Students in Temporary Housing page for available resources, as well as a map of the in-take center and shelters nearest you. 

For general information regarding emergency rental assistance, help preventing eviction and/or relocation, please visit their website