Sprint 1 Million Project

The Sprint 1 Million Project will distribute 1 million wireless hotspots to low-income students nationally over the next five years, providing internet access to students who would otherwise have limited ability to get online.  Sprint hopes to help close the “homework gap” for students by supporting their online research, homework, and access to learning. 

Through this generous donation from Sprint, every high school student is eligible for a free wireless hotspot until they graduate.  Click here to view the list of participating schools. In all, Sprint is committing over 30,000 hotspots to NYC’s Community Schools – the largest contribution of its kind in the United States. See the Chancellor's press release here

Here’s basic info about the program:

  • Every high school student will receive a free wireless hotspot to use until they graduate;
  • Hotspots will provide 3GB of high speed data access monthly (good for homework and research, but not for streaming movies or video). If they use up their 3GB, they can still access unlimited data at 2G speeds;
  • Students will not be able to text or call from devices, only browse or connect a computer or tablet to the internet;
  • Devices are set up to provide safe internet access for students, and Sprint has agreed to not use or sell personal student information for marketing or other purposes;
  • Schools will hold an additional 10% in inventory to manage lost, damaged or stolen devices;
  • Sprint will provide technical assistance on the devices through its normal customer service.


Further Information for Participating Schools:

* Please click here to access all important forms and information concerning the initiative*


If you have any further questions, please feel free to direct them to Corrine Christison cchristison@schools.nyc.gov.