Attendance Strategies

The Challenge

One in five NYC Public School students is chronically absent. This means that over 200,000 students miss a month or more of school per year. 

Chronically absent students are defined as students who miss more than 18+ days in the previous school year or are currently on track to miss as much (2+ days per month). 

By adopting the Every Student, Every Day campaign, Community Schools can leverage a robust set of resources to reduce chronic absence. 

This page is the ATTENDANCE STRATEGIES HUB! Utilize the resources, guides, and informational pages below. Also see our tips for improved attendance

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Key Strategies from Every Student, Every Day 

Many hands help to make Community Schools successful. Here you'll find targeted resources for different roles and strategies that work. However, we hope you explore the multitude of information below!

 Resources for School Leadership Teams
 Resources for Success Mentors and Partners

Weekly Attendance Meetings
Tools and resources for the weekly meetings that track and record students' progress and barriers to attending school  Infusing attendance into
everyday activities and encouraging a community-wide approach


Starting the School Year Strong Have Strong Attendance Year Round