Attendance Strategies
Every Student, Every Day

The Challenge

One in five NYC Public School students is chronically absent. This means that over 200,000 students miss a month or more of school per year. 

Chronically absent students are defined as students who miss more than 18+ days in the previous school year or are currently on track to miss as much (2+ days per month). 

Key Strategies from Every Student, Every Day 
What works
Many hands help to make Community Schools successful. There are 4  components:

1. Personalized Student Interventions                        3. Weekly Meetings
2. Organized Resources                                             4. Drawing on Community Partners

Here you'll find targeted resources for different roles and key strategies for Community Schools.
Principal and CSD Hub

Resources for School Leadership Teams
Mentors Hub

Resources for Success Mentors and Partners 

Explore these Attendance Strategies and Get Involved!

Weekly Attendance Meetings

Tools and materials for the weekly meeting to address student attendance

For School staff and community partners

Family Page!

For Families to learn more and get involved

National Partnerships

Materials for starting the year strong

Tips for keeping up 
attendance in winter

Prevent the May/June Attendance Slump
Resources for the
end of the year slump