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Organizing Attendance Resources

Organize Resources

The Principal’s focus on attendance makes the biggest difference for a school in combating chronic absenteeism, by building a welcoming climate, a supportive culture, and a system for recognizing and rewarding good and improved attendance. 

Starting Strong: Attendance Planning

The first step in addressing Chronic Absenteeism is to identify a target list of students and coordinate the appropriate interventions for each student.

Community Schools target interventions according to the following tiers:

Tier 1 - Attendance above 90%
Tier 2 - Attendance between 80% - 90%
Tier 3 - Attendance below 80%

Use the Community School Tiered Attendance Intervention Plan to ensure your school is targeting attendance interventions to the right students. Download these presentation slides for additional help in assigning tiered supports to address chronic absenteeism.

Helping Students Stay and Succeed in School

The U.S. Department of Education Every Student Every Day initiative was launched under the Obama Administration as a targeted strategy to address chronic absenteeism. 

On June 9, 2016 the Office of Community Schools presented at a national conference on the topic.

Attendance Program Toolkit

The Attendance Program Toolkit on the Principal's Portal on the DOE intranet is full of organizational tips, checklists and links to additional resources. An invaluable resource when developing and refining your attendance plan. (Note: you must log-in with a DOE email address). For other attendance strategies, use this Attendance Toolkit available to the school leadership.