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Organizing Resources for a Comprehensive Approach

The Principal's focus on attendance makes the biggest difference in combating chronic absenteeism by creating welcoming and supportive climate, offering programs that meet student needs, and a system for recognizing good and improved attendance.

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What is Chronic Absence?
Roughly one in five students in New York City is chronically absent. A chronically absent student is defined as having missed 10% or 18+ days in a single school year. Students miss school for hundreds of reasons, including lack of interest, health, bullying, and transportation. 

Learn more from a recent webinar: The Big Idea: Cracking the Code on Chronic Absence (Webinar, September 24, 2018, 60 min)
With: Sarah Peterson (Director of Research and Development, Office of Community Schools, NYCDOE); Sarah Jonas (Deputy Executive Director, Office of Community Schools, NYCDOE); and Julie McGarry (Program Manager, High School Initiatives Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence)

Starting Strong: Attendance Planning
Starting the school year with a set plan of action will help your school address students' chronic absence throughout the year. Identifying target students (those with a history of chronic absence in the previous year or already missing two days in September) is a key place to begin. Community Schools target interventions according to the following tiers:
Tier 1 - Attendance above 90%
Tier 2 - Attendance between 80% - 90%
Tier 3 - Attendance below 80%
Use these tiers and resources below to help your students improve their attendance. Partner with students, students' families, Success Mentors, and the community to address chronic absence.
Resources for Starting Strong
September Attendance Awareness Month 
September is Attendance Awareness Month, designed to bring renewed attention to the importance of attending school every day. Visit our main page on September Attendance Awareness

Helping Students Stay and Succeed in School

The U.S. Department of Education Every Student Every Day campaign was launched under the Obama Administration as a targeted strategy to address chronic absenteeism. 

In conjunction with the Every Student, Every Day campaign, the U.S. Department of Education put out this Community Toolkit to address chronic absenteeism. 

Share these slides at all staff meetings about the importance of attending school every day and inform them about the Every Student, Every Day campaign.

Every Student, Every Day

Other Resources from Community Schools

 Weekly Attendance Meetings
Tools and materials for the weekly meeting to address student attendance Empowerment - Attendance StrategiesFor School staff and community partners

Our Data for Continuous Improvement Main Page

Success Mentors Hub
Learn about how to utilize Success Mentors in your school.
Attendance Program Toolkit
The Attendance Program Toolkit on the Principal's Portal on the DOE intranet is full of organizational tips, checklists and links to additional resources. An invaluable resource when developing and refining your attendance plan. (Note: you must log-in with a DOE email address). For other attendance strategies, use this Attendance Toolkit available to the school leadership.

Planning for Spring - The Community School Forum!
A great way to connect families to community resources and prevent the May/June Attendance Slump is to host a Community School Forum. The Forum is an all-school and community-wide event. For the OCS planning toolkit, follow this link!