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Success Mentors

Success Mentors Hub
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Success Mentors partner with chronically absent youth to address the barriers that keep them from attending school every day. They are caring adults that support students and help them reach their potential educational outcomes. Success Mentors can be school staff, Community School partners and staff, and senior students.

“He’s the only person that actually made me care more, the only person that made me come to school more than what I was, the only person that made me think positive, rather than negative.”

- NYC Student

Learn Key Strategies and Explore the Resources Below
Resources, activities, and tips to engage students and mentees.

This year's guide to Success Mentoring
Read about what's happening!

Training tips and resources

For CBO partners, please sign the Success Mentor Confidentiality Agreement before you begin

Success Mentor Summits
Quarterly conferences for Success Mentors, CSDs, and Community Partners.

Mentor Motivation 
Watch the videos below about the important impact that Success Mentors have: