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Success Mentors

Personalize Students' Experience 
Success Mentor Corps

A Success mentor is any caring adult who works with chronically absent students to address the barriers that prevent them from coming to school. 

Mentors interact with their mentees during the school day at least three times each week. 

They are cheerleaders, advocates and motivators.

Success Mentor Tools and Resources

How to Start and Sustain a Success Mentoring Program in Your School Helpful tools and resources for creating a
highly Effective Success Mentoring Program
The Office of Community Schools official 
guide to success mentoring
Creating a Success Mentoring Program: A How - To Appendix
Provides success mentors with the what and
how of being effective in the role
Connecting Through Conversation: Short Activities for Mentors
Mentoring strategies to use with students 
Provided by the Center for Supportive Schools
Success Mentors 101: Mentoring and Supporting Members Best practice video for supporting
mentors in their role
Success Mentoring 101: Mentoring Match Closure Best practice video for concluding a mentor/
mentee relationship on a positive note