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Weekly Attendance Meetings

The Weekly Attendance Meeting: 
Helping Students Stay on Track

Weekly Attendance Meeting: Helping Students Stay on Track from Magic Box Studios on Vimeo.

Components of the Weekly Attendance Meeting

The weekly attendance meeting is a vital part of proactive attendance strategies in schools. The weekly meeting has four key components:

1. Consistent Time and Place
2. Principal leadership
3. Use of Data
4. Draw on Community Resources

Resources to Support the Weekly Attendance Meeting

Sample Weekly Meeting Agenda: This tools is designed to help your Student Success Team understand desired outcomes and actions from the weekly meetings, and plan effective agendas to facilitate a successful meeting.

Starting Strong: Attendance Planning Worksheet: This tools is designed to help your school identify and prioritize strategic actoins that will improve your chronic absence rates.

By following a set agenda and using an inquiry process, school teams can discover the root causes of absences, and find the resources that can help students stay and succeed in school.

The Attendance Inquiry Protocol can help guide you in consistent attendance planning procedures.

Please use this CBO Confidentiality Agreement during these meetings.