Using G-Suite for Education (i.e. GAFE)

Accessing your New Vision Data Tools involve purchasing a domain(website) and creating a Google Account For Education(GAFE) Account. The steps below provide information on to do that. Please contact the if you get stuck in the process. 

If you are a CSD or Program Manger ALWAYS consult with your school prior to following the steps below! 

1. Purchasing a domain and signing up with GAFE
2. Getting to know your GAFE Account

Student Data Tools

Returning Community Schools are each equipped with Data Tools provided by New Visions for Public Schools. These Data Tools encourage proactive decision-making to keep students on track academically, develop targeted supports and interventions, and plan for Regents completions and graduation.

PLEASE NOTE: Community Schools that started in 2017-18 or have a new DBN in 2017-18 will have access to their Data Tools in the winter/spring of 2017-18 and will receive notification once tools are available.

Student Data Tools are specific to each school and provides both student-level data on attendance and academic performance, school-wide dashboards. 

 Why use Student Data Tools?

Student Data Tools pulls together critical data points to help school leader understand a more complete picture of students' needs. Because it is a cloud-based spreadsheet, it is regularly updated and can be shared by multiple collaborators within the school.
What is included? 
  • Student demographics, including SPED and ELL status

  • Historical and current YTD attendance

  • Credit accumulation by subject area

  • Regents data, including number of attempts and highest score by subject area

  • Columns that highlight potential programming gaps based on credits earned and students’ current schedules.

  • School and student level dashboards

How are Student Data Tools populated?

Reports pulled from ATS and STARS are used to populate variables and feed metrics used in the Data Tool. A complete list of source files for each variable can be found in the Technical Documentation tab of the Data Tool.