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Setting up and Using G-Suite tools

This page is intended for schools who already have a G-suite domain and want to learn more about G-Suite user management and tools.

Always consult your Principal and the Office of Community Schools before setting up a new G-suite domain for your school.


1. Installing and configuring Cloudlock

Cisco Cloudlock is a security tool that protects your student data and supports the compliance of data privacy regulations.

 The Law and Student Records in Google Apps

 Installation Guide (PDF): Cloudlock
 Configuring Cloudlock

2. G-Suite user management

You can manage accounts for your school’s faculty, staff, and students in your G-Suite Administration Panel

 Add Users in Bulk
Add a User
  Add a User Google Instructions
  Add Users in Bulk Google Instructions
  Deleting a User Google Instructions

3. Adding and removing users in the New Visions Portal 


You can share the tools with gsuite users in the New Visions Portal.

NOTE: Only DOE Employees with school-view privileges may be shared on the New Visions tools. Always consult with your Principal and the Office of Community Schools before sharing users on the New Visions tools.

4. Putting G-Suite into practice: Tips and Tricks

G Suite for Education includes all the Google apps (Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, sheets, and more), but designed with new intelligent features that facilitate collaboration and data sharing.

 Google Apps for Education: FAQ
 Finding your Student Sorter and Attendance Heat Map
Using Google Hangout
  G-Suite Administrator Help
   Google Drive Help
  Additional resources
  Advanced users