Learn more about using the Data Tools

1. Student Sorter for Elementary and Middle Schools:

3. High School Portal
2. Attendance Heat Map for all Schools

How to access your Data Tools:

  • Go to 
  • Sign into your account using your Schools GAFE provided E-mail and password
  • Your Schools Data Tools will be in your Drive
  • Click “Shared with me” → Search for you school by name or DBN
  • 1-Pager:Tutorial on how to find your Data Tools
Additional information on using Google Drive:

Learn more about using Google Drive and Sheets

Google Sheets are the foundation of the Data Tools. Knowing how to use Google Sheets is essential in using the Data tools! Please find various instructional videos below.

General Overview

1-Pager: Google Sheets Cheat Sheet

VIDEO: Working with a dynamic shared spreadsheet

Filtering and Sorting

VIDEO: Sorting vs. Filtering a spreadsheet 

VIDEO: Google Sheet Filtering how-to



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