Continuous Improvement
In NYC Community Schools, we are constantly seeking ways to better ways to support our City's students. Check out what's happening at OCS and how use of data informs our work and addresses students' needs.

This graphic illustrates the power of using data for continuous improvement to keep students at the center of the work.

Community School teams use data to learn what works and how to improve to serve student needs. This effort to continuously improve Community Schools is guided by three beliefs:

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Review this blog post from the Data Quality Campaign on the NYC Community Schools Initiative's approach to Continuous Improvement.

Data Safety and Access

Confidentiality Agreement
All Community School Directors must sign a Confidentiality Agreement on an annual basis to access the New Visions Data Tools. Please submit here.

Legal Guidance
All users must adhere to the Legal Guidance on the use of the New Visions Data Sorter, Portal and Attendance Heat Map - developed in partnership with the NYC Department of Education’s Division of Instructional and Information Technology (DIIT) and the Office of the General Counsel. 

Frequently Asked Questions & Training 2018-19

Reach out for additional help or training from the Data Help Center at:
phone: (212) 323-9526