Welcome to the Office of Community Schools Data Help Center. 

Community School teams use data to learn what works and how to improve to serve student needs.


Technical Skills and Data Tools

Adaptive Change
  • Learn how to build your analytical capacity and develop best practices for using data as part of a continuous improvement process.

Accessing Data Tools

All Community School Directors must sign a Confidentiality Agreement on an annual basis to access the New Visions Data Tools. Please submit here.

All users must adhere to the Legal Guidance on the use of the New Visions Data Sorter, Portal and Attendance Heat Map - developed in partnership with the NYC Department of Education’s Division of Instructional and Information Technology (DIIT) and the Office of the General Counsel. 

Need Help?

Reach out for additional help or training from the Data Help Center at:

email: hscalise@schools.nyc.gov
phone: (212) 323-9526