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Technical Skills and Data Tools

Developing Technical Skills: Using Student Data Tools

Student Data Tools are specific to each school and provides student-level data on both attendance and academic performanceThese school-wide dashboards pull together critical data points to help school leaders understand a more complete picture of students' needs. Because they are cloud-based spreadsheets, they are regularly updated and can be shared by multiple collaborators within the school.

 What data are included in the Data Tools? 

  • Student demographics, including SPED and ELL status

  • Historical and current YTD attendance

  • Credit accumulation by subject area

  • Regents data, including number of attempts and highest score by subject area

  • Columns that highlight potential programming gaps based on credits earned and students’ current schedules

  • School and student level dashboards

How are Student Data Tools populated?

Reports pulled from ATS and STARS are used to populate variables and feed metrics used in the Data Tool. A complete list of source files for each variable can be found in the Technical Documentation tab of the Data Tool.

 Tool Audience  Description
Student Sorter

Elementary and Middle Schools that are Community Schools The Student Data Sorter is a school-specific Google spreadsheet for elementary and middle schools that presents both comprehensive student-level data points and school-wide Dashboards that provide a snapshot of student academic performance, attendance, and behavior aligned with the Community Schools model. Learn more about the Student Sorter. Download an informative one page introduction to the Sorter.
 Attendance Heat Map

Community Schools
 The Attendance Heat Map is designed to simplify three main processes:
  1. Identifying trends in historical and daily attendance.
  2. Creating target groups to help schools track attendance over time.
  3. Conducting and managing outreach.
Watch a video called How to use your Attendance Heat Map.
 High School Portal

High Schools that are Community Schools The High School Data Portal maximizes opportunities for every high school student to graduate on time by providing tools and support to make that critical work more manageable.

With the High School Portal, school leaders and staff can leverage resources to influence student outcomes and streamline the complex process of managing students' different paths to graduation.

Learn more about the High School Data Portal by viewing this Slide Deck Introduction.

For general help accessing and using the Data Tools....

    How to access your Data Tools:

    • Go to 
    • Sign into your account using your Schools GAFE provided E-mail and password
    • Your Schools Data Tools will be in your Drive
    • Click “Shared with me” → Search for you school by name or DBN
    • 1-Pager:Tutorial on how to find your Data Tools
    Additional information on using Google Drive: