Learn more about using Google Drive and Sheets

Google Sheets are the foundation of the Data Tools.

Knowing how to use Google Sheets is essential to using the Community School Data Tools!

The instructional videos below can help you get started.

General Overview

1-Pager: Google Sheets Cheat Sheet

VIDEO: Working with a dynamic shared spreadsheet

Filtering and Sorting

VIDEO: Sorting vs. Filtering a spreadsheet 

VIDEO: Google Sheet Filtering how-to



Additional Information

Using G-Suite for Education (i.e. GAFE)

Accessing your New Vision Data Tools involve purchasing a domain(website) and creating a Google Account For Education(GAFE) Account. The steps below provide information on to do that. Please contact the if you get stuck in the process. 

If you are a CSD or Program Manger ALWAYS consult with your school prior to following the steps below! 

1. Purchasing a domain and signing up with GAFE
2. Getting to know your GAFE Account