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Vision Services

Free Vision Screenings Continue for all Community School Students

Through our partnership with Dept of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) and Warby Parker, last year we continued to meet impressive benchmarks screening 81% of students and distributing over 26,000 pairs of glasses. We are pleased that students needing vision correction will again this year be able to get new glasses or replace those that were lost or damaged.

Information for participating schools:

As before, vision screenings and optometry will be combined in the same visit. This effort requires two main parts-- passive consent forms and a pre-planning meeting with DOHMH. 

Any questions can be sent to Regina Burke (, Community Schools Program Manager. 

Passive Consent Forms

Several weeks before the scheduled vision screening, DOHMH will meet with you to discuss logistics and preparation. In the meantime, we need your help to have parents complete the Passive Consent Form. Only parents who wish to opt out of vision screenings need to return it to the school, but we need all schools to send it home. 

The returned passive consent forms should be filed at your school and shared with DOHMH staff during vision screening. 

Passive Consent forms:

Planning a visit to your school

During the upcoming pre-planning meeting with your school, we’ll go over all the steps to make for an efficient and successful vision screening event.  You can find all the steps in the PrePlan Letter to Principals

Use our Vision Screening Tips one-pager to keep track of what your next steps are! 

After vision screening takes place, there are several forms which must go out to parents. We have translated them all and organized them by language here. You can find translations for the following in each folder: 
  • Post Exam Letter to Parents
  • Takeaway Cards for Students
  • Vision Makeup Day Consent Form