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Vision Services

Free Vision Screenings Continue for all Community School Students

Warby Parker / DOHMH Vision Screening – Parental Notification Needed!

Last year we were able to meet our milestone of distributing 20,000 pairs of glasses - two years ahead of plan.  Through our partnership with the Dept of Health and Mental Hygiene and Warby Parker, Community Schools students needing vision correction will again be able to get new glasses or replace those that were lost or damaged. As before, vision screenings and optometry will be combined in the same visit, so be sure to push for strong attendance on those days.  Vision screenings will begin October 1st this year. Several weeks before your schedule vision screening, DOHMH will meet with you to discuss logistics and preparation. In the meantime, we need your help to have parents complete the Passive Consent Form [see below]. Only parents who wish to opt out of vision screenings need to return it to the school, but we need all schools to send it home. The returned passive consent forms should be filed at your school and shared with DOHMH staff during vision screening. The passive consent form is available in English and Spanish (with other translations to follow soon). 

If you have any questions, please contact Donna Carter  at ( or (718)-310-2839.

Passive Consent forms:

(Other  DOE languages to come shortly.) 

Planning a visit to your school-- What you need to know! 

To make our program an even bigger success, we need your help.  During our upcoming pre-planning meeting with your school, we’ll go over all the steps to make for an efficient and successful vision screening event.  You can find all the steps in the PrePlan Letter to Principals

Listed below are some of the steps we'll be asking you to do that you might want to start preparing for:

·        >> Please set aside two rooms: one for vision screenings, and the second for eye exams.

  •       The rooms should be approximately 20' square, well-lit, and located next to each other.
  •     The room for eye exams must have a light switch.
  •     Each room should be equipped with 3 long tables and at least 10 adult chairs.
  •       Hallways, lunchrooms and gymnasiums cannot be used for vision screening.

·        >> Please consider City and Statewide Testing, trips, school functions, etc., when scheduling.  If we must reschedule at the last minute, your school won’t be seen until we complete all the others. 

On the day before the screening, DOHMH staff will drop off screening equipment which must be secured by the school. They will also need to gather information below requested during the pre-planning meeting

·         We will need you to provide a Class List, Organization Sheet and a Bell Schedule.

·         Please set up a tentative screening schedule.

·         For grades K-1, please have classes arrive at 8:30, 9:10, 9:50, 10:30, 11:10 and 11:50 AM.

·         Grades 2-12 are screened for visual acuity only, and will need about 30 minutes / class.

·         Students should be escorted by DOE or CBO staff at all times.

·         If we are at your school for several days, please help us schedule any absent students missed earlier in the visit.