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Making Connections

Help Families Combat Hunger, Homelessness and Lack of Access to Health Care

We know our families and the communities we work in struggle disproportionately with poverty.  Many CBOs work closely with local nonprofits and city agencies to connect families to important resources. Centrally, we’re building a bigger, stronger relationship to Single Stop, a network of nonprofits who specialize in conducting coordinated assessments and intakes with families to make sure they are connected to as many services as appropriate from the start (including Food Stamps, health care, housing supports, free legal services, and free tax preparation). A number of our CBO Lead Partners are themselves Single Stop providers.  

We encourage you to help your families to connect to Single Stop first when they need help – and here’s a handy map of all the Single Stop locations and services you (and anyone in the school) can use to make a referral.  Stay tuned as we work to expand this important partnership.  

Borough-specific resource cards