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Summer In The City

As part of the Chancellor's Summer in the City Initiative, Community Schools are offering comprehensive academic and enrichment programming for students in elementary, middle and high schools.  

Bell Summer Learning: Full-day learning through fun and hands-on enrichment activities, trips and service projects for K-8 students. 

DYCD Summer Camps: Beacon, Compass and SONYC programming provide academic supports, sports, arts, recreational activities and cultural field trips for K-8 students.

Summer Youth Employment Program: The Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) provides New York City youth between the ages of 14 and 24 with paid summer employment for up to six weeks in July and August. 

Opportunity for High Schools to Become SYEP Work Sites for the Summer

The Department of Homeless Services (DHS) can train staff from high schools that are interested in becoming SYEP work sites. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a SYEP work site, please contact Shereen Margolis, (212) 361-6812. Online applications are available on the DYCD website.

Here are key updates on Vulnerable Youth in the SYEP Program (VY SYEP) application. If you have any questions about VY SYEP, please reach out to Jennifer MitchellMayer.
What to do if youth have accidentally already applied to the general online SYEP program, but they qualify for Vulnerable Youth SYEP?
  • Reach out to Khalid Daley at DYCD Email Khalid the name of students and the SYEP ID number and he will be able to help transfer their application to the Vulnerable Youth SYEP program.
What are the deadline perimeters?
  • Applications should be submitted as soon as possible. Note that there are 3,000 slots available for the VY SYEP program and application process will continue to be open until those slots are filled. Vulnerable Youth SYEP program (VY SYEP) offers guaranteed summer youth slots for all youth who are:
    • homeless and in the City’s shelter system, homeless
    • Justice‐involved youth
    • Youth in or aged out of foster care, or receiving preventive services.
Please refer to VY SYEP handbook and submit applications as soon as possible to one of the Summer Youth Employment Vulnerable Youth Providers. 
Practice Makes Perfect: Elementary and middle school students are matched with older, high achieving near-peer mentors from their same community with a curriculum that is focused on academic improvement through exposure to cultural experiences in museums, local parks and other institutions.

STEM Summer in the City: Current 2nd-7th graders provides an innovative, engaging and fun summer learning program designed specifically around science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). 

Planning Guides and Resources for Elementary Community Schools Summer Program
The Office of Community Schools allocated funds to our Community Based Organization partners that serve students in grades kindergarten through eighth grade in 34 schools across the CityParticipating schools operate Monday-Friday and provide a diverse and balanced curriculum of enrichment experiences to address the summer learning gap. Activities include academic support, arts, sports and recreation, and cultural field trips to parks and cultural institutions. Each site targets to enroll between 40 and 80 students.  

Elementary School Sites 2017 Summer in the City Planning 

The workbook for 2017 can be found hereEmail your completed workbook to and your Program Manager by April 7, 2017.

Review the Planning Timeline and FAQ as you develop your plan for summer 2017.

Information and Resources for Elementary School Sites

Review the Program Overview and Program Presentation shared during the March 3 Community School Director Convening. 

                                    Communication Resources
       BELL Working with families:

Webinar Schedule:
To access any of the webinars, visit, and call +1.646.307.1990 Access Code: 204-419-595#.

March 15: Permit Licensing, 1:00-2:00pm
Access the webinar presentation here and additional resources below. 

March 16: Planning Workbook, 1:00-2:00pm
Access the webinar presentation here.

March 21: BELL SITC Welcome
View the slides here. For participating schools, the proposed BELL training schedule can be found here

April 20:  SITC Curriculum Overview
Review the webinar presentation here.  

April 21: Recruitment Resources for High School Renewal Schools
Access the webinar recording here.

April 27: ATS for Elementary Schools
Access the roster template for targeted students here. To access this webinar, review the slides here and the recording of the presentation here.

May 4: Summer Cultural Trip Opportunities
To review the slides, access them here.  A list of cultural institutions can be found here and a list of summer opportunities can be found here.

Marketing for Summer

Find flyers for all SITC programs here as well as a template you can use to fit your school!

The Office of Renewal Schools developed flyers that can be used to communicate about summer programming. 
Flyers by Program:

You can also use other programs such as to create posters to help your program stand out.

Summer in the City in High Schools

To enroll your student in a SITC high school enrichment program submit a Summer in the City Application. Students attending each program will be issued student MetroCards to account for travel to and from programs. For more information about our offered programs see below descriptions. View our flyershere. If you have any questions please e-mail

Summer Bridge - Current 8th Graders – Apply by May 26, 2017 
Summer Bridge provides rising 9th graders with structures to organize their work and support their social-emotional growth, empowering students with the skills they need to focus on academics during their high school careers and beyond.

SAT Prep Courses - Current 10th and 11th Graders – Apply by May 26, 2017 
Students enrolled in SAT prep will receive expert instruction and guidance in preparing for the SATs.

Email questions about the above to:

Visit the Renewal School website to learn more about the summer opportunities offered through the Office of Renewal Schools.

Summer Planning Resources

Tips for Planning and Delivering a Memorable Summer Experience
This tip sheet summarizes key planning features of the NYC Summer Quest initiative led by the DOE and DYCD that contributed to its quality and stakeholder satisfaction. ExpandED Schools created this summary as are source for Community Schools staff who are designing and managing a summer learning program for their school. The NYC Summer Quest planning information draws from quality indicators from the National Summer Learning Association’s (NSLA) Comprehensive Assessment of Summer Programs (CASP), which offers additional information on the research and evidence base for the tips for summer planning.

Summer Planning Resource List
For a list of summer jobs and resources for students of varied ages, click here

Family Guide to Summer Enrichment
Principals and CSDs are encouraged to share and distribute the SITC 2017 Family Guide to Summer Enrichment with students and their families, which is available on the SITC page of the Principals’ Portal. The guide contains information about enrichment programs under the SITC umbrella to help families select which summer programs are right for them. To print the guide as a bi-fold brochure, select ‘Print on both sides of paper’ and ‘Flip on short edge’ when printing. 

Affiliations: The final list of 2017 summer building affiliations is available on the SITC page of the Principals’ Portal.


Read through the 2017 Frequently Asked Questions

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